The ex-Empire sends love to the current holder of the Empire crown:

I love how all that’s good about US imperialism can be reduced to a few sound bites so easily. I must find out if it is just as easy to frame the opposing opinion. I look forward to many a YouTube video that will be posted in response to this one. Hopefully they’d point out some facts that were obviously overlooked:

  • Initially Israel was supported mostly by Britain and France – They deserve more than a little of the credit for the complicated mess that is the modern Middle East. America inherited the Israeli-Arab problem from them, and they are no doubt most thankful that USA takes most of the blame too.

The question that the video suggests we ask is a false comparison. America’s role in the past although important to historians is not the issue here. Rather, it is what contribution America will make to our collective futures and is the price we all pay worth it?