I was listening to Today on BBC Radio 4 in the morning and they included an excerpt from last week’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in which he interviewed James Baker. The BBC included a snippet of the interview while reporting the leaked recommendations of the Iraqi Study Group which allegedly include a dramatic departure from “stay the course”. What is most curious about this is that a real interview excerpt from a fake news show was deemed suitable for inclusion in a serious BBC programme. One can only conclude that the countless other James Baker interviews by more mainstream media sources didn’t bother to ask the question that Today wanted answered: “Why do they say that? We don’t want voters to know what we’re planning until after the elections, because we don’t want to politicise it. Isn’t that the whole point?”. I read somewhere that more and more Americans are relying on the BBC for international news. Looks like the BBC have to rely on Jon Stewart for American foreign policy news.